The Tero Vido 3D Software

The Tero Vido® Construction Series is a ready-to-use detection system.

The Tero Vido® Construction Series 3D-System comes with its proprietary 3D Software, pre-installed on the complimentary Tablet-PC. The purpose of the software is the operation of the sensor, the measurement, and the recording of the measurement. The software helps the user in an easy and quickly comprehensible way to interpret the 2D and 3D data from the measurement. For that, the Tero Vido® 3D-Software offers a wide range of useful features, such as filtering, colour schemes, GPS-Positioning, depth measurement, discrimination and many more.


The multi-language user interface of the proprietary software is currently available in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian. More languages are coming soon.

The automatic and free software updates contain, besides software improvements also further new languages. A download of the latest version of the software is available here


The Tero Vido® Construction Series 3D System is built extremely simple and can be used by anyone after only a short training period. It consists of the lightweight ground scanner and a portable computer (tablet). No cables or heavy batteries impede the work with the machine.

Click here for a video overview over the software


The user scans the ground with the sensor, and the scan results are shown in real-time on the computer screen. Immediately after finalising the measuring process the results can be analysed in the software. The data will be stored on the computer and can be retrieved when necessary. The storage capacity, as well as the size of the measuring field is nearly unlimited.


The high resolution graphic, one of the best and most detailed resolutions on the market, along with the many options for adjustment in the software facilitate the quick detection of the metal or void, and determine its depth and size.

The system delivers repeatable results and a control scan will confirm the measuring result.

You can also use the Tero Vido@ 3D Sotware for metal discrimination and see, if your find is made of ferromagnetic metals or non-ferromagnetic metals.

The Tero Vido 3D System is an all-purpose device and can be used on any ground condition, be it sandy, rocky or loamy.

Small metal anomalies in highly mineralized grounds can be filtered with the software.

Please check out our other instruction videos for the software: Part 1 (introduction), Part 2 (getting started), Part 3 (scanning), Part 4 (other features), and How to scan. Please note: the videos are for the Tero Vido 3D Edition, the software for the Construction Series has a different visual design.


Features of the Tero Vido® 3D Software


  • The only software that provides the interface to the TeroVido sensors
  • Easy adjustment of the scan recording parameters
  • Simple use through intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • GUI is available in different languages
  • The recorded data will be represented as 2D and 3D image, which can be

rotated and changed in size for easy interpretation of the data

  • Automatic recording of the sensor data
  • Automatic ground balance to avoid measuring mistakes
  • A variety of colour schemes for data visualization
  • Possibility to store and load the recorded measuring data for future reference

or to send by email for analysis

  • Easy administration of the recorded data
  • Optional linking of the measurement data with GPS for location on GPS based

maps such as Google Maps for easier location of the search fields


User manual for the 3D-software forTero Vido® Construction Series



The Tero Vido Construction Series Software is available for Windows and can be downloaded here -->

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