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Fields of application and detection options


The detectors of the Tero Vido® 3D Construction Series are extremely versatile and can be used for many different applications. The easy handling make the detectors a unique partner for professional measurements, be it in construction industry, security business or the private landowner. No matter which kind of hidden object you are looking for – as long as the object is not too small and consists of other than the surrounding material – the Tero Vido® Construction Series 3D-System can support you in finding it!


You can use the Tero Vido® 3D Construction Series for different purposes, for example:

  • survey of the building ground
  • localisation of pipes and cables
  • industrial measurements
  • military or security survey of the underground


The devices of the Tero Vido® 3D Construction Series are able to detect the following objects and structures:

  • subterranean foundations, walls, basements and concrete reinforcement
  • buried sewers, supply lines, pipelines, canals, tubes, and cables
  • groundwater line and subterranean streams
  • filled wells, galleries, trenches and bunkers
  • hidden caves, graves and chamber tombs
  • cesspits, waste water tanks and water pipes
  • secret tunnels, storage rooms, and hideouts
  • and much more hidden in the ground


Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Author: NPCA Online, construction of a gas pipeline, 2007

Features of the TERO VIDO® Construction Series 3D System


The Tero Vido® Construction Series 3D-System is a flexible, lightweight, portable and high-performance system to be used by one single operator to detect underground structures and anomalies. The detector deploys an unshielded and non-directional signal for the detection of hidden objects in a depth of up to 10 m. All sensors of the Tero Vido® Construction Series are equipped with a powerful multi-sensor array of up to 8 high-performance sensors, to give you the highest precision and image resolution. All detectable anomalies, structures or objects are being visualized immediately on the screen of your computer.


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